This retro-style wall clock is made from a 12" original vinyl record.


We upcycle records destined for landfill and turn them into something beautiful. The cut-out silhouette designs are based on iconic artists and famous album covers, and the central labels are based on eye-catching album labels. 


With this Bob Marley clock we've based the label and design on the Legend album. A differing amount of detail goes into each cut-out design, which is what changes the price of each clock.  We try our best to offer more than one design for each artist or group.

This retro wall clock is made from a 12" vinyl record. The design is based on "Yellow Submarine," the tenth studio album of English rock band The Beatles, which was released in 1969. This album features hit songs such as "All You Need is Love," "Yellow Submarine," and "All Together Now." Our design is based on the album cover and the matching film poster - both of which feature a cartoon submarine and cartoon versions of the four Beatles members. As it is based on such an iconic and popular Beatles album, this clock makes a great souvenier or gift for any Beatles fan!

The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" Cut Vinyl Clock

    • This clock features the highest quality Quartz movement clock mechanism - which features a silent, sweeping motion.
    • The mechanism features a built in hook for easy wall attachment.
    • This clock operates on a single AA Battery (not included) 
    • This clock features a simple, vintage roman numeral clock label