This retro wall clock is made from a 12" vinyl record. Bob Dylan's career spans five decades and he was called the "voice of a generation.  Dylan became famous for his folk and protest songs in the 1960's. By 1965 Dylan was embracing the electric guitar and took popular music by storm. Although Bob Dylan plays the guitar, keyboard and harmonica, people widely consider his songwriting to be his greatest contribution to musical history. Having sold over 100 million records Dylan is one of the best selling artists of all time, and his fans joke he has been on a "Never Ending Tour" since the 1980's.  This clock is a tribute to Bob Dylan, and makes a great souvenier or gift for any fan or rock enthusiast.

Bob Dylan Cut Vinyl Clock


    • This clock features the highest quality Quartz movement clock mechanism - which features a silent, sweeping motion.
    • The mechanism features a built in hook for easy wall attachment.
    • This clock operates on a single AA Battery (not included) 
    • This clock features a simple, vintage roman numeral clock label