This retro wall clock is made from a 12" vinyl record. The design is based on the iconic logos of the English rock band Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is one of the most well known rock bands in history with albums like "Led Zeppelin (I - IV)", "Houses of the Holy" and "Physical Graffiti". The zeppelin comes from the  image of the Hindenburg disaster that the band used on their first album cover. The symbols come from the untitled fourth album (commonly known as "Led Zeppelin IV") when Page suggested each member of the band pick a symbol to represent them. This clock makes an amazing gift for any fan of Led Zeppelin or rock & roll music.

Led Zepplin Logo Cut Vinyl Clock

    • This clock features the highest quality Quartz movement clock mechanism - which features a silent, sweeping motion.
    • The mechanism features a built in hook for easy wall attachment.
    • This clock operates on a single AA Battery (not included) 
    • This clock features a simple, vintage roman numeral clock label