Unlimited SECA Body Composition Scans

Medically precise body composition analyzer gives insight into components that make up your current weight. Monthly scans keep you up to date on your progress, as well as important factors such as replacing fat with muscle mass.

Nutrition and Fitness Counseling

Our nutritional counseling services help you come up with a plan for maintaining long-term fat loss rather than yo-yo dieting. Eating healthy is an important part of overall wellness. Creating healthy eating habits takes work and someone helping you stay on track. Our exercise plans are built using medical information specific to your body. Exercise should feel empowering and our staff is determined to help you look and feel better by giving you obtainable, but challenging goals.

Full Access to Wellness Concierge

You will have 24/7 phone access to your Formula Wellness Provider.

Treatment Discounts

10% off the following services: – Supplements
– FITSHOT® Injections
– IV Infusions
– Peptide Treatments
– Health & Weight Management

Provider Consultation

If you choose to enroll in our Concierge Wellness Program you have the opportunity to schedule one monthly follow-up appointment with a provider to discuss ongoing concerns or needs.